Monday, February 20, 2017

We're Related App

I have been playing with the We're Related app by Ancestry for a while. Like many other's who have posted about this app, the app will add generations to my end of line ancestor. I can handle that addition because it is giving me clues. However, I have some added that don't make sense.

My end of line ancestor, Margaret who lived during 1789 to 1876 could not possibly have a father who lived during 1901-1964. 

Dear Programmer, Rule #1 - Parent should not be born after child, this should be rejected based on this logic.

I found the my famous line in error for the same reason as follows: 
James Monroe lineage should not go from child Sarah Knott to parent John Lewis Tanner. Again, the app should have some sort of logic checks that would process this lineage as a possibility. 

Of my 10 matches, three are definitely wrong. As for the 6 which has George Lighthall as my ancestor's father, this is something I have been trying to prove or disprove with not much luck. The lineage that they added is correct for George Lighthall, I just can't say he is my George or if my ancestor's father is even named George. This is my problem to deal with. Finally, Hans Engel is one generation added to my end of line and could be a possibility. The date range matches, however I can't determine exactly anything else about Hans.

Finally my wish list to the programmers: 
  • To be able to see what tree's they are getting their lineage from, perhaps then I could contact the individual and shed some light on them that they tied a relationship that could not be a possibility. 
  • To be able to see more about an individual, some of my added ancestors have long names that I can't even be sure what their entire name is. 
  • I would also like to click on a relationship, such as click on Rufus or Margaret in example 1 or click on John or Sarah in example 2 and flag the person as having a relationship error. Next it should ask if between individual and parent or between individual and child. Finally ask the reason, such as such birth dates out of range, surnames don't match, or other reason that a person could type in. 
  • Also I would like to flag a relationship to ignore so I don't have to see it again. 
In closing, the App is fun and a great way to get other's, especially those non-genealogy family and friends interested in Genealogy, however the major logic flaw needs to be corrected. Not everyone is going to examine the line with great detail.