Sunday, January 19, 2014

My DNA Ancestor

I had been waiting with anticipation for my test results and here they are.

They are a bit of a surprise. I knew I was Irish and had some English but I never dreamed Scandinavia. Also, I thought my German ancestry would have shown up.

On my father’s side there is Irish and a little bit German.

My surname immigrant (my 2nd great grandfather) came from Ireland to the United States in 1848. He married in the US to another Irish Immigrant. Their son married the daughter of a German Immigrant couple. Their Son is my grandfather and thus I figured he would have been 50% German and 50% Irish.

Now on my paternal grandmother’s side, looks 75% Irish and 25% English.

So my Dad would be 62.5% Irish, 12.5 percent English and 25% German. So shouldn’t I be half of this and have 31.25% Irish, 6.25 English and 12.5 German and then the rest from my mother’s side?

On my mother’s side there is German, Irish, English and perhaps Polish. My mother was adopted by her step-father and all I know about her biological father is from her non-identifying adoption papers that state her father was Polish. However, this information didn’t come from her father but from her mother. Plus my mother wasn’t adopted until she was 18 years old and my grandmother was giving information on what she knew about him, 18+ years after meeting him. See the flaws?

Plus, my maternal grandmother’s side has been in the US since the 1700’s. So breaking down the percentages is a little more difficult, especially since I don’t know who the mothers are for many of the generations.

However, if the DNA percentages are accurate, I would have gotten 24.75% Irish and 6.25% English from my mother. I don’t know who I received the 23% of Scandinavia from. Perhaps this came from my mother’s biological father’s side? Perhaps this came from my maternal grandmother’s side from all those unknown female branches. But the big question is where did the 12.5% German that I should have received from my father’s side go? Where?

All this DNA stuff is so interesting but also very confusing. However, I do have a very unique family. I have six half siblings that we share DNA on our mother’s side. So if I have their DNA tested and no Scandinavia shows up, then it came from my father’s side. Also, my mother has one living half-sister and if I have her DNA tested and she doesn’t have Scandinavia but my half-siblings do, then the Scandinavia comes from my mother’s biological father. However, if my aunt also has Scandinavia then perhaps it comes from unknown branches on my maternal grandmother’s side.

So in typical genealogy fashion, I get one question answered and have many new ones to find answers for.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Well another year has ended and a new year has started. Now that I am older, each new year feels like the first day of school. Remember those days, getting new school supplies, having all those blank pages in our new notebooks. Thinking of all the possibilities of what might occur in the next school year.

Well, this first day of the new year brings those same feelings my way. I think of all the possibilities of what might occur in this year. However, my "A" personality makes me want to make list. List of goals or projects that I want to accomplish this next year, such as getting that scanning project done of all those photo albums that my sister lent to me that she received from our Aunt. I better start it if I want to finish it before this summer.

I think about all the classes that I have scheduled for this coming year and the PowerPoint presentations that need to be completed. At least I have started those projects, but now I need to get more of them completed, so my next step is to start giving myself some serious deadlines.

I also have some projects that I am doing for my genealogy society, such as getting them more exposure on the World Wide Web through blogging and twitter. They have had a Facebook page for a few years, and I have also created a Google+ presence. I am trying to introduce some special interest groups into the society besides our general share session that we do. My main goal here is to get some other members to step forward and take responsibility for these groups. I try to let them know that I do not nor am I willing to do everything (in spite what some of the older members might think). I do not want to take over the society but to share my talents with them and to get new members to join.

Finally, I should not forget that I want to squeeze research time into this mix. Of course the scanning will result in research time, however I have many other research opportunities and goals that I want to accomplish.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR and have fun filling in all those empty squares on your calendars with all the possibilities that get accomplished in the coming year!