Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dedicated Genealogy E-mail

We all have heard the phrase “Do as I say and not as I do”. Well this applies to Genealogy too!

When I teach classes, I always advise new students to setup a dedicated email for genealogy related items. I also advise against using the free email that their internet provider gives them, because if they change providers, they will have to change all their logins and contact information.
Well, I find myself needing to change my internet provider and thus all my email contact information. Yikes!

We also hear about how bad it is to write down our logins and passwords, but as I get older, I can’t remember all my logins, passwords or even websites that I have used. So lucky for me, I have written all this down. I have a small address book that I use for recording my information. After I create some new emails, one for genealogy and one for all my other stuff, I will slowly go through my address book and start to update the information.  Keep in mind that you can find lots of free applications that will store your passwords on-line. I think I have tried one, but I can’t remember what that website is off the top of my head, hopefully I wrote that down.
I am giving myself plenty of time to get this done, (the first of the year) because I want to complete this while I still have my current internet provider. Some websites will send a notification email or confirmation email to your old email as a warning that your account is being changed. This is great if your account becomes compromised, because you would know.  So if you close down that email account too soon, I don’t know what a website will do when they get your old email message bouncing back to them. This way I am hoping for the least amount of aggravation by doing my changes before I close down my email accounts.

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