Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My first attempt to export FTM to RootsMagic

I decided I needed to test a small control file and see what actually happens when I export my Family Tree Maker (FTM) file to RootsMagic 7. I created a database of 8 individuals, the main person, their spouse, their parents and grandparents. I then put in birth and marriage dates for the main person and their spouse and birth, marriage and death information for the parents and grandparents. I also attached a primary picture to each person. I proceeded to create notes for all kinds of fields, name, sex, birth, marriage and death facts. I also create several source citations, some were linked to multiple facts and others were created for one individual fact. Finally I attached media to a couple of the individual facts.

I linked a common fact to all the names in my file, and even though RootsMagic shows that source is linked to the name facts, it doesn’t show up on the person profile as follows:

 I then decided to attach a single source to the name along with the link sources and still no source is appearing, strange.  Also, I have lost my citation text that I typed in FTM, see my example below:

 Another thing I saw was that my description notes from FTM were placed in the Person Details note for the fact and I lost the fact notes as shown below from FTM.

However, my person notes, even though I flagged as private on FTM were imported into the Person Details note for that person. When I created the export GEDCOM, I made sure to include private notes.

My media files seemed to transfer over okay. I must note that I did not attach any media to source citations but only to facts. 

So far, I am to say the least, a little disappointed, because that would mean a lot of my information would be missing. Ouch! I guess I keep using FTM.  Hopefully, I am doing something wrong, or perhaps there is never a program that will 100 percent transfer all the data from one genealogy program to another. Back to the drawing board.

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